Preparing Your Pasadena Home to Sell

Preparing Your Pasadena Home to Sell

  • Meg Middleman
  • 12/20/21

Selling your home entails more than contacting a Realtor® and sticking a “for sale” sign in the front yard. The preparation process is a pre-qualifier to marketing. It’s hard to effectively market a home that doesn’t look market-ready. Committing some time and energy upfront into preparation, cleaning, and home readiness tasks will go a long way toward lessening the length of time your house stays on the market while assisting you in maximizing your profits. 

There is no “right” time to list in the Pasadena marketplace––it’s always a good time! The key to selling fast and receiving multiple offers is preparation, utilizing proven tactics to highlight your home’s strengths. Repairs and professional staging are important, but they can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why it’s beneficial to consult with Meg. As an expert with over 35 years of selling experience, Meg can look at a house and customize a strategy that will help you get the most value while minimizing stress and time commitment.  

Curb Appeal Is Critical

The front of your home is the first thing prospective buyers see when they arrive, so it should reflect the same maintenance, care, and cleanliness as the interior of your home. First impressions are critical. Below you will find some ways you can freshen up your front lawn, entryway, and capitalize on curb appeal.

  • Painting –– Freshen up the paint. You don’t necessarily need to repaint the entire exterior, but updating the window trim, porch railings, and adding a fresh coat to your front door is a great way to make the entryway pop. Don’t forget the mailbox!
  • Clean up the area –– Remove children’s toys and clutter from outside. Treat the windows by checking for uniformity in the shutters, curtains, etc. Clean the gutters and roof, pressure wash concrete walkways, patios, and drives, and remove any dead leaves or plants. 
  • Landscaping –– A manicured lawn is one of the easiest ways to impress buyers. Cut back trees and shrubs, trim, edge, prune bushes, spruce up the garden if you have one, and mow. If you’re unequipped, consider hiring a professional service to take care of the lawn for you.
    • Adding a splash of color to the front of your house is never a bad idea. Flowers are a nice way to appeal to the eye.
  • Signage –– When it comes time to put a sign advertising your home is for sale, ensure you’re choosing clean and sturdy signage made from quality materials.

Declutter and Depersonalize

As we become comfortable and settle into our homes, it’s normal to let a little clutter accumulate and decorate with family heirlooms, photos, and personal touches. However, when you’re selling your house, buyers want to see the space for what it is and visualize what the house will look like once they’re living there. It’s hard to do that when the rooms are filled with random household items and clutter. 

It can be emotional to take down mementos that mean a lot to you, but try to separate your emotions from the task at hand and remember that your cherished possessions will find a place in your new home. Focus on clearing each room one at a time. 

  • Kitchen –– Thoroughly clean countertops, junk drawers, and cabinets, removing all papers, food, dirty dishes, novelty items, etc. Fix minor defects like cracks, peeling wallpaper, loose tiles, and creaky hinges. Tidy the pantry, mop the floors, wipe everything down, remove magnets and personal items from the refrigerator, and clean appliances. 
  • Living spaces –– Less is more when it comes to furniture. Consider hiring a professional stager or at least using neutral-colored items. Remove toys, clutter, outdated seasonal items, and personal items. 
  • Bedrooms –– Change all bedsheets, hang clothes or pack them away, tidy the area, vacuum, dust, and if you have pets make sure you take them out of the house for showings along with pet-related items. 
  • Bathrooms –– Like the other rooms, clean the bathroom thoroughly from top to bottom. Repair faucets and leaky sinks, add a deodorizer or air freshener. 

Brighten Up Your Home

Change the light bulbs, open curtains, and blinds to let the natural light in, and add light fixtures to rooms without windows. Buyers want to see each room clearly, plus brightening up each room makes the entire house look more inviting.

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