4 Reasons Why Residents Love South Pasadena Public Schools

Meg Middleman 02/11/22

Despite its small-town feel, South Pasadena has an incredible, top-ranking public school system that consistently outshines bigger cities, making this charming community the perfect place for its residents to call home.

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4 Reasons Why Residents Love Living in South Pasadena

Meg Middleman 03/24/22

The perfect blend of peaceful suburban living with bustling urban life is what you’ll find in this beautiful California neighborhood.

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5 Popular Architecture Styles in Pasadena

Meg Middleman 06/13/22

Homebuyers will find Beaux Arts beauties, quirky Craftsman homes, and mid-century stunners among the many choices.

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3 Tips for Preparing Your Pasadena Home to Sell

Meg Middleman 03/25/22

Amplify curb appeal, stage your home, and market your property to perfection to secure an optimal home sale.

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How to Choose the Best South Pasadena Real Estate Agent For You

The Middleman Team 04/22/22

How to hack the tricky search for the perfect agent.

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Preparing Your Pasadena Home to Sell

Meg Middleman 12/20/21

There is no “right” time to list in the Pasadena marketplace––it’s always a good time!

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Who Is the Best Real Estate Agent in South Pasadena?

Meg Middleman 12/20/21

You should hire the area’s best real estate agent.

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Home Buyer Preferences Are Changing Thanks to Hybrid Work Weeks

Meg Middleman 10/18/21

Remote work is here to stay and homebuyers are changing the way they think about what features are most important in their new home. Let’s see the new trends.

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